My total fee can range from $185 to $500. (cash only)

The fee for officiating a wedding is set by Massachusetts law at $150 ($125 if the wedding is in Reading).

There is an additional $35 fee for preparing your ceremony and for incidental

Total amount for basic ceremony is $185

Many couples like to have an initial meeting to get acquainted and to determine the type of ceremony they desire.

The charge for this optional prenuptial is $75

Travel Fees:

If travel is more than 10 miles from Reading I charge an additional fee (depends on the millage)

Also, if there are any tolls, parking fees or additional travel related expenses.


My fee for attending and assisting with a rehearsal is $125

If the bride is more than 20 minutes late there will be $100 charge and then $25 for each 10 minutes thereafter.

If you are getting married out of the state of Massachusetts there is a fee for a one day license and travel.

If you need my services within the same week, I charge an additional $50.

I ask for a $50 (nonrefundable) deposit to reserve your date on my calendar if your date is more than 60 days away.

Tipping:As performing the ceremony is a service, it is customary to tip the Officiate for a job well done just as you would the DJ, florist, caterer, or any other service provider. Therefore, your gratuities are welcome and would be greatly appreciated.










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